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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Men’s Hair Loss Treatments

Although there are some people who would love to keep their dome clean shaved, many people still agree that a well styled hair is the beauty of the scalp. Natural hair loss has however made many men unhappy as they can not keep their hair. There are many myths that surround hair loss in men. Some people believe that hair loss is as a result of stress and others even believe that it is as a result of nutrient deficiency. I laughed hard and long when a couple of my folks said they believed having your baseball cap on everyday or sweating excessively could lead to hair loss in men. Hair loss has nothing to do with all these things but the beautiful thing is where it occurs, there are treatments that can be given to address the situation. Men lose their hair because they are simply genetically predisposed to it. You would not find this too hard to believe if you consider the fact that there are men who are able to keep their hair to their old age while you would find the hair of some young men showing recession. Men lose hair when they have their follicles programmed to be sensitive to hormonal changes in their scalps. Androgenic Alopecia as the loss of hair in men is called is as a result of the hormones androgens to which the body may begin to reject.
Men’s hair loss treatments are gradually increasing processes. You would want to start slowly on the regimen you choose which you would gradually build up. Whatever regimen you may have, there are many products in the market that can help you take care of your hair loss.

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